Track Delivery

PEP Delivery Tracking Technology

Real time track and trace for every consignment

Imagine never having to call your transport company to see where a delivery is.

Good news – PEP’s real time track-and-trace facility makes that a thing of the past.

Instead, you’ll get 100% visible electronic delivery tracking on every consignment.

Our EDI (Electronic Data Interface) and scanning technology uses full end-to-end GPS tracking that enables:

  • SMS PODs and email PODs – in real-time
  • Email notifications to recipients advising that their freight is on the way from the depot
  • Electronic invoicing to reduce environmental impact

Thanks to accurate electronic signature capture, you can see the full status of any delivery simply by logging into our website.

You’ll save time and money – because you’ll never have to waste either chasing up your deliveries. And your customers won’t have to chase you either.

It’s what gives our customers the peace of mind our competitors can’t offer them.

So if you’re looking for worry-free transport solutions, we’re ready to deliver.