PEP is growing! Introducing our new building - PEP Transport

PEP is growing! Introducing our new building

1 October 2021
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PEP is growing! Introducing our new building

New building in addition to 17 Hazelhurst Street, Kewdale.

The new facility will include an additional 10’000 square metres of ware-housing space and an additional 1000 sqm of office space. The location is at 26 Glassford Road (about 150m down the road from where we are now). Our accommodation of this facility will be staged into the new calendar year.

To assist with congestion in our current facility the following will commence this week:
● King Living freight and staff will move to 26 Glassford
● Our fleet control team will move to Glassford (Exc parcel fleet control)
● The sales team will move from upstairs to downstairs

This will free up a considerable amount of space just in time for the busy period.



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