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Please note: We are increasing the price of our pre-paid parcels by 5% effective 1 July.

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Before you begin: Prepaid Coupons can not be used for Dangerous Goods.

Book of 5 $85.50
Book of 10 $121.20
Book of 15 $158.70
Book of 30 $217.50
Book of 100 $640.00
Book of 500 $2,650.00

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About Prepaid Coupons

Number of Coupons/ Item (not to exceed 25kg)

Metro 1
Z1 2
Z2 4
Z3 6
Z4 8
Z5 10

The parcel fleet offers a professional business to business service for items up to 25kg or dead weight equivalent (e.g. .464 x .464 x .464 metres x 250 = 25kgs cubic) whichever is greater’ with a maximum length of 1.8 metres in length, picked up and delivered within the required area, in accordance with our delivery schedule..