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Courier Delivery Perth

Sending multiple parcels in a week? Save time and money with PEP Parcel Express.

PEP Parcel Express delivery network offers a fast, cost-effective courier parcel service.

That’s because we charge an economical rate per parcel – unlike courier services who charge for the time they spend on the road.

And unlike other transport companies, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Based on the quantity and frequency of the parcels you send, we build a custom parcel delivery service that suits your needs. Our courier parcel service has a range of options, including pickup and delivery available at your convenience.

You get a fixed price for parcel deliveries with the fastest delivery available, plus all the benefits of a premium delivery solution.

PEP Parcel Express offers:

100% tailored parcel delivery service

We tailor our service to your needs, giving you a per-package price based on number of pick-ups and deliveries per day – instead of charging you on distance.

Large local service area

Wherever you are in Perth, we’ve got you covered. Our Parcel Express pickup and delivery fleet services the entire Perth metro and industrial areas – including all semi-rural and rural perimeter areas.

Rapid pick up and delivery

With one pickup per day scheduled to suit, your packages get straight to their destination overnight.*

Real time visibility on your deliveries

Our Electronic Delivery Interface (EDI) system provides real time online track-and-trace. So from point of pick-up through to proof of delivery, you’ll always know exactly where your package is. We can even interface directly with your own internal tracking systems.

Self-service consignment slips and labels

Our EDI allows you to create your own consignments and labels online.

Real customer service – from order to delivery

You’ll always speak to someone in Perth who knows your business needs and account history. Our drivers deliver your parcel in well-presented and well-maintained vehicles, ensuring your customers receive the best possible service.

Ready for a tailored transport solution that saves you money?

Get started with PEP Parcel Express! Call (08) 6254 0700